empowering people living with dementia and their communities through the arts

To the Lighthouse!

with the Lighthouse Community Centre
comissioned by Headstart Kernow
An Arts Lab project, funded by FEAST, Arts Well and Cornwall Council

The Lighthouse Community Centre (Liskeard, Cornwall) provides support services for people of all ages in the town and surrounding area. The organisation runs activities, workshops, clubs and events that inspires, educates, and helps develop skills a

Working with the girls group, they set their themes: in the woods, pattern and colour, teenage dream and murder mystery, and an activity with each. The result was a beautiful set of images and books which reflect the creativity, resilience, friendship and joy shared between the group.

This project marked the first series in The Photobook Project to work solely with young people. It was a huge success and proved the adaptablity of the project to work outside of people living with dementia, due to it’s inclusive design and adaptive nature.

“It’s amazing to see them out in the woods together like this... we were always out exploring like this when we were younger!”

Clare Bevan Director at
The Lighthouse Community Centre

Photobooks Coming Soon