empowering people living with dementia and their communities through the arts



Awarded funding from the Inclusivity Project to complete a residence with Dr Victoria Tischler and Dr Shruti Raghuraman, creating an evidence base for what carers need in order to take part in the project 

Awarded funding from the Ideas Fund to create research around the benefits of the arts for people living with dementia and their carers, through the Butterflies group (Hull) 

Keynote speakers at 2nd International Webinar on Dementia and Alzheimer’s Rehabilitation, “My Dementia Life Matters” and AMANZE film

Launch of AMANZE film at Culture, Health and Wellbeing International Conference, Arts and Health South West

Comissioned by Art Licks to deliver ‘Together Apart’ with Next Steps, funded by Ryedale District Council 

Winner of Multipler Award with Cares Family and UnLtD, “My Dementia Life Matters” phase 2

Selected artist and project for ‘Synthesisa’, a project with Plymouth University and Cultivator Cornwall, www.synesthesia.online/Ellie-Robinson-Carter-by-Holly-Willats


Featured in Daiwa Foundation’s Annual Review, “Pass the Baton!” 

Selected artist and project for ‘Synthesisa’, a project with Plymouth University and Cultivator Cornwall

Speaker at Engaging Demenita’s 12th International Dementia Conference, Dublin. “The Photobook Project: A creative framework empowering people living with dementia”

Published paper in peer reviewed journal Illustrating Mental Health, Illustration Research. “Creativity, Community and Connections: Empowering people living with dementia through creative illustrative practice”  


Speaker at lllustrating Mental Health, University of Worcestor. “Pass the Baton!”

Co-facilitator of “Only Connect!” steering group, Falmouth University. Delivered paper about photobook project. 

“Pass the Baton!” residency in Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan with Run Tomorrow project. Funded by Daiwa Foundaton, taking place in September 2019.

Observations in Nature Exhibition at Potager Garden, Constantine. As part of Sensory Trust, funded by the Arts Council.

Winner of Creative Investment Grant from Cultivator, Cornwall, to speak at 11th International Conference on Vascular Dementia, Amsterdam & 12th International Conference on Alzeimer Rehabilitation, Stockholm.

Winner of grant from Jean’s Dementia Fund, Penryn Memory Cafe, supporting attendance for international conferences (stated above).

Convenor & Plenary Speaker at 11th International Conference on Vascular Dementia, Amsterdam. “Creativity, Community & Connections: Empowering people with dementia through artistic practice”.

Speaker at ‘Chaos’ forum, Falmouth University. “Hello Neighbour!”

Published “Hello Neighbour!” with Atlantic Press Books.


Exhibitor of “Hello Neighbour!” at “So you think you know where you’re going?” at Enys Gardens, Penryn. Curated by Cultivator, Cornwall.

Exhibition at Studio E, Falmouth of “Observations at Ashridge Field School” with Amy Goodwin. Funded by Cultivator, Cornwall.

Artist in residence at Humanitas, Deventer titled ‘Hello Neighbour!”. Funded by the Arts Council Interational Development Fund.

At Sensory Trust, awarded funding to roll out ‘Observations in Nature’ with other 4 demenita-friendly nature based groups in Cornwall by Arts Council.

Attended & ran photography and Oulipo writing workshops for a group of artists at Ashridge Field School, Devon. Resulted in “Observations at Ashridge Field School”

Lecturer at Manchester School of Art on ‘Contextual Practice’, BA Illustraton & Graphic Design. Delivered lecturer about The Photobook Project. 


Exhibitior & Winner of ‘Hope & Renewal’ Photography Competition, ‘Pink Ladies’ by The Happy Wanderers, Exeter.

Created “Observations by Walking into Art” with Cambridge-based group for people living with dementia and their carers. Funded by Awards for All.

Exhibitior & Speaker at Embodied Cartographies, Fringe Arts Bath. “Observations by the Happy Wanderers”.

Speaker at ‘Beyond Words’ Conference, Plymouth University. “Why are we going around in circles?”

Visiting Lecturer at Falmouth University, MA Illustration: Authorial Practice. Running turorials, workshops and delivering lecture about socially engaged practice, including The Photobook Project. 

Volunteer with the Sensory Trust, with the ‘Happy Wanderers’: walking group for people living with dementia and their carers.


Speaker at the International Illustration Conference ‘Shaping the View’, Edinburgh College of Art. “Why are we going around in circles?”

MA Illustration Show & Award for Outstanding Studentship. Observations by the Happy Wanderers exhibited as part of this. 

Photo Credits: John Hersey