“My Dementia

Life Matters”

A collaboration with Talk Dementia
Funded by the Race and Equality Foundation
Autumn & Winter 2020

“My Demenita Life Matters” is a collaboration with Ronald Amanze and David Truswell of Talk Dementia. Ronald lives with dementia and is a member of DEEP and David is director of the Dementia Action Alliance of Culture and Ethnicity. As part of the project, 20 people living with dementia in BAME communities were invited to document what matters to them, over the period of a month. Using single-use cameras, the participants have captured life in lockdown and in their immediate localities, sharing objects, views from their windows and illuminating on their unique heritages. With people from a wide range of communities including Chinese, Dominican Republic and Black African Caribean. Photographer Hannah Wright was comissioned to take portraits of participants and Lucy Hawes is in the process of creating a film about the project. We look forward to sharing this with you in due course.

Ronald Amanze, co-creator of the project
by Hannah Wright

Image by Mrs Wai Fan Man

Photobooks Coming Soon