empowering people living with dementia and their communities through the arts

Sensory Stories

with Butterflies Memory Loss Support Group with University of Hull
Funded b
y the Ideas Fund

Butterflies members took part in sensory activities - such as optical illusions, cyanotypes, sound maps and texture rubbings - which prompted conversations around sensory experiences and changes, as part of living with dementia.

Following this, members documented their sensory experiences and changes, from their perspectives. The result is an insightful collection of photobooks which shed light on people living with dementia and their experiences of the world. Our Founding Director Ellie will soon be publishing a paper with colleague Dr Emma Wolverson about this work.

“I can’t feel anything in my fingers anymore. I always have pins and needles in my finger tips”

“It’s funny with senses, like hearing and seeing, because people don’t know what it’s like in your brain”

Butterflies Members

Photobooks Coming Soon