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empowering people living with dementia and their communities through the arts

Observations by

Ashridge Field


with Amy Goodwin
August 2018

Ashridge is an intergenerational art school run annually in rural Devon by Illustrator & Researcher Desdemona McCannon. The group selected a theme for each day & documented under these themes over the week. Ellie & Amy ran Oulipo workshops, connected to the themes chosen by the participants. These writings are captured in smaller A6 books within the A5 photobooks.
The themes:

A. rtists
S. ky
H. ouses
R. esting
I. nside spaces
D. ogs
G. ates
E. ating

Oulipo writing displayed in A6 book inside
photobook, with Arthur’s mouth behind

Lally ‘resting’ in line with theme,
taken by her mother Penny